11/30: Peer Review

“Never think of revising as fixing something that is wrong. That starts you off in a negative frame of mind. Rather think of it as an opportunity to improve something you already love.” -Marion Dane Bauer

I like this quote. Revision is definitely part of the writing process, but I think these words can help us approach it with a positive attitude. Your GWRJ articles should, ideally, be centered around the writing or language involved in something you love, or are at least very interested in, so think about these wise words as you continue crafting your final draft.

Today you exchanged rough drafts and did Peer Review. Almost everyone has met with Karishma for the Unit #3 one-on-one, but if you haven’t, you need to set one up as soon as possible. You can also set up a time to meet with me on Monday if you are interested.

On Monday we will be talking about memes, so be thinking about ones you enjoy.