Today we started class by doing a free write to get back into the swing of 101 and school.

Then, we watched a series of videos: Stealing Plays, Knowing Your Players, Ethics, and Understanding Conventions – these videos can be found at isuwriting.com/category/student-resources-for-learning-outcomes/ under Cultural and Ethical Impacts.

After watching the videos as a class, we broke into table groups and each table got one video to look at more in-depth to answer the following question:

What kinds of ethical choices and considerations go into producing and consuming texts?

We looked at both the specific level of the video (the genre each speaker was discussing) as well as on a more general level – what can these videos tell us about the ethics of composition broadly?

Understanding audience needs
Long term benefits/consequences and who the writing affects
Age of audience
Privacy settings

Paying attention to the detail and implications of the text
Attempting to understand the perspective of the author
Consider the effects of sharing/spreading the information

Types of people affected by ethical considerations:
People being written about

And then, because no one wanted to talk, we did a writing exercise where you wrote one paragraph about your ethical considerations in your everyday writing and one paragraph about the ethical considerations of your unit 3 project

HW: Jacques & Lancrenon articles (both in GWRJ) and responses