Friday, November 18

Hello all,

We started today with our usual class introduction: writing about our progress with the current project.  We then went around the room and asked if there were any questions that needed to be clarified about Project 3, and to see how far each group was in completing its assigned tasks.  After determining that all immediate questions were answered, you all signed up for one on one meetings (I’ll email the list with times for everyone).

To continue the discussion from this week regarding trajectory and audience reception to texts, we did an exercise where you looked at several optical illusions (mostly Octavio Ocampo paintings) and wrote what you saw in your journals.  We then reviewed each image and determined how many people saw one image before seeing another within the same text and discussed how this correlates to our writing: sometimes the details that we don’t think will be important are what the audience notices most, sometimes they see things we did not intend for them to see, and sometimes we can predict their responses simply by understanding their background experience with the content of our texts.

We ended the class with a genre investigation of any chosen text found online.  If you haven’t already, remember to email me your genre reflections (this is your participation credit for the day, so make sure I get it).

Have a safe, restful break; I’ll see you in two weeks!