Ethan Kelly 11/14/16

We started off today’s class with ten minutes of free writing to help everyone wake up. After that, I gave the students a few minutes to look at the wikipedia page for the film Psycho, as we analyzed it in class today. We did the analysis, paying particular attention to aspects of CHAT that are specific to that film. For “production,” for instance, I didn’t just let them put that the film was shot on a camera, but that it was shot using a 50 mm lens because that kind of lens closely mimicked human vision.

Once we finished with the Psycho analysis, the students were instructed to do a CHAT map of a film of their choice using the same kind of specific guidelines. I gave them the last fifteen minutes of class to work on it and, after Thanksgiving break, they will be bringing their CHAT maps in and giving short presentations on the film that they did.