Today we talked about multiculturalism, to the best of our ability because the computer was being demonic.

So, multiculturalism is about how multiple cultures interact (specifically within composition) – this interaction can be positive or negative (meaning they can work together or be in conflict) – this can play out in large scale (large categories of culture, like nationality) or in small scale (smaller categories of culture in an individual)

Through this we get three other important terms:
Globalism – the process of international integration that stems from the interchange of world views, products, ideas and other aspects of culture

Transculturalism – composition across cultures

Translingualism – composition across languages

Each of you is always existing and negotiating various cultures (all the ways those cultures show up, including habits, beliefs, values, etc.) and languages (even if those are just varieties of English) every time you speak or write or even think – the ways that these negotiations show up in your composing practices is very important

Something to consider – how do you navigate these choices based on your audience and why is audience important to take into consideration in these processes?

HW: Viswanath & Ackerman & responses