11/7: Library Love

“The only thing you absolutely have to know is the ┬álocation of the library.” -Albert Einstein

We started class today with writing about libraries. You could go in any direction as long as it was library-related–childhood memories, your impression of Milner, if you think libraries will remain relevant in the future, etc.

I then shared with you my personal immense love for libraries. (I am not looking to get a tattoo, but if I change my mind, this Einstein quotation is a contender.) We talked about how libraries are changing to be much more than just book repositories. We looked at the Milner website and discussed all the items besides books that you can check out (graphic calculator, anyone?). We also talked about how libraries are a place where people can come together–to hear presentations, take classes, hug dogs (go love on therapy dogs at Milner Wednesday afternoon!), etc. They are, in my opinion, a vital community resource. They also are a great place to study and focus–to bring in CHAT, sometimes the “ecology” of the library is very conducive to writing and reading.

We then did a refresher course on the library website. I showed you the English 101 student guide and the information there about types of articles, evaluating sources, and citation. We then watched a video on the “deep web” that discussed how there are some things online that you can’t get to with just a simple Google search. Some of these things are on the “darknet”–Silva had scary stories to tell us about that. But there are also things stored in databases that you just can’t get to, so it’s fortunate that you can search databases via Milner’s website.

We then talked about the articles you read for today. Rob and Kendra both read one on bumper stickers. I read one in the current GWRJ: “Transfer in Action: Writing Research Moves Beyond the Classroom” by Annie Hackett. I shared with you some ideas that I liked from this article, including:

-It’s important to be able to identify what it is we don’t know about any given writing situation. Once we can articulate these gaps in our knowledge, we can start moving forward.

-I encouraged you to take Angela Sheets’ advice about English 101 class concepts: take your favorites, or the ones that resonate with you, and run with them. We are throwing a lot at you, so don’t expect to fully understand everything in one semester.

We will be meeting at Milner on Wednesday. For homework, you need to once again read a GWRJ article we have not read as a class and answer the questions under Assignments in ReggieNet.