11/1 – 11/3

For unit 3, we are doing collaborative Grassroots articles based on personality type.

This week students read their own personality types while thinking how they might apply to categories such as writer, researcher, in-class performance, in-conference, or any CHAT term. They then read the personality type of another person in the class and arranged questions for that person based on what they had read. On Thursday, we went over questions and started a conversation on how personality might impact these areas.

For 11/8-11/10, we will be talking about Grassroots articles  and how they might be arranged in an interview style (for this, students are reading pieces by Merrifield and Shahmiri). On Thursday, students will meet with their groups, discuss which ideas of personality and which categories are most interesting/important to their collaborative conversation, and they will choose their topics by the end of class.