A recap of today:

There’s an extra credit assignment option – key terms glossary
you can find this in the Drive folder
due: 11/18

we talked about multimedia/multimodal texts today (and how those factor into the project)

modes – ways to reach different senses to communicate
visual (alphabetic, symbolic), oral, aural, spatial (size), gestural, tactile (touch)

media – the materials or forms used to compose/communicate
paper, ink, graphite, colors, digital, audio, dance, paint, clay, video, sign language, etc.

to appeal to different modes you use different media

all texts are inherently multimedia/modal, but there is a spectrum – some texts can be more multimodal than others

these elements should come together to communicate better and differently – each mode or medium should enhance your message

Outlines are due 11/19 in everyone’s drive folder

HW: Hackett & Hackett
check project 2 social media/linkedin settings & change or screenshot and email me by today for regrading