For today’s class we talked about the Sutton and Rodriguez articles, which both interrogated different research practices.

This lead us to a discussion of content research and citation.

research, we decided, was more complicated than just looking up stuff for school; it’s any time you look for deeper meaning or a better understanding of a topic
genre research, as we know, is when we do the research to figure out how a genre works, looking at sources and filling out the genre and CHAT charts
content research, we discovered, is researching all the information/stuff that goes into a specific text within a genre
so, the genre is like the container and the content is what goes inside the container
if citation is giving people credit for their work, like we claim, then it is about more than just academic citation styles, MLA, APA, etc, works cited and footnotes; citation is genre-specific, so the way you give credit to people for things they’ve said or written or created or done depends on how the genre works (look at format)

the question now is how we can use this information for the unit 3 project – how do we incorporate content research and citation into the event outline and the genres you produce for the event? (you gave me some ideas)

HW: if your group hasn’t decided on an event, you need to have one chosen for approval by Monday.