Happy Halloween!
Apparently no one did anything fun and exciting or went trick or treating this weekend, but that’s beside the point.

Project 2 was due today, so everything should be uploaded into your Drive folder and ready for grading (which will come soon, but not like today or anything).
We did a reflection/discussion first thing, talking about thoughts on the project, what you found interesting, challenging, what you learned. There were some cool takeaways!

We also talked about Unit 3 and went over that assignment, which means if you weren’t here today you need to read over that assignment sheet on the Drive and get with your group members (which I’ll post below) to get caught up on what’s going on there. Everyone seemed to have a pretty good grasp on the project, so they should be able to talk you through it. If you go through the assignment sheet and your group and still need help, come talk to me. You should have your event decided on by Monday.

Make up Grassroots responses are due by Wednesday (check the gradebook and see if you have a zero for response one, two, or three)

HW: Sutton and Rodriguez (PDF) articles, reading responses

1: Rina, Marissa, Hillary
2: Lena, Hannah, Kate
3: Alex, Tom Z., Max
4: Christian, Tommy, Garrett, Joe
5: Ally, Josh, Ben, Brady