Today we went over the Greenberg & Scott articles in discussion. We also had a work day for project 2, which is due on Monday.

Important Things to Note:
1. the extra credit Dr. Jim Purdy lecture is tomorrow (10/27) from 7-8:30 in STV 133 – go and fill out the sheet they give you and that’s 5 points.
2. If you have zeros for the first three Grassroots responses in the gradebook, you can make those up (in your daybook or drive) and show them to me for 2/3 points. From here on out, make sure you’re doing your responses.
3. Projects are due in your folder labeled correctly by 8 AM Monday morning; make sure you provide a link to your profile or screenshots (emphasis on profile because that is the assignment); check the Author’s Note Genre Investigation Chart on the shared drive for guidance of writing your author’s note – you only need one that addresses both texts you created

If you have questions, you’re always welcome to email me.

HW: finish project; weekly notes