Today we discussed the Rodriguez and Skokan articles, focusing on SnapChat as a form of autobiographical writing, looking at social media through the lens of CHAT and how that becomes useful for our projects (hint: that kind of CHAT analysis should come into play in your author’s note), and how crossover genres work – taking the strengths of two genres and putting them together to do new things with your text.

We used the last 30 minutes as a workday for your Unit 2 projects.
drafts of the 2 genre charts and 2 text products are due on Monday for peer review – have these uploaded in your Drive with “draft” in the title.

Things to remember – your social media is a mixture of the profile information itself and the posts – but don’t get so focused on the posts that you forget the bio part – that is very important; also, if you don’t have your drafts for peer review on Monday, you’ll be excused from class and it will count as an absence.

Projects are due a week from Monday, so make sure you’ve got your appointments with Andrew scheduled.