In class today we worked in table groups and, using links I provided, each table completed a genre investigation chart for author’s notes.

On Wednesday we will take each of these individual charts and combine them to make one chart that will guide the author’s notes you have to compose for project 2 and 3.

I returned project 1 today. Things to remember:
1. I won’t talk about grades for 24 hours. So if after 9 AM tomorrow you’d like to talk about your project, feel free to see me in my office hours or make an appointment (grades can’t be discussed via email per FERPA)
2. You can choose one of the three deliverables to revise by next Monday for regrading.

We also talked about the 10/27 extra credit opportunity with guest speaker Dr. Jim Purdy. That’s 7-8:30 in STV 101 and free and open to the public.

HW: Read Dunbar and Scott articles (both PDFs) and do responses; finish your group charts if not completed during class; start researching your two autobiography genres for your project