10-7 Session Notes

Hello all!

The first thing I did today was  ask how many of you read the email I sent out. When most of you replied affirmatively, I asked why I only got a few emails in reply despite the fact that the email asked for a reply. I reminded you all that if I’m taking time to write it, you should be taking time to read it. I told you that I’ll continue to slip things into emails to make sure you all read them.

After that, you guys did your freewriting.

Then, you all used a form I provided to peer assess a classmate’s toilet talk production. At the end of the peer assessment, I told you guys that, by Tuesday at midnight, I want a 300-500 word self-assessment in my email inbox. In this assessment, you all should use the peer assessment responses to address your own work. You should defend any choices you feel you need to defend, explain some of the choices you made that your peer questioned, and talk about any points of your production that you feel you should improve on. The objective here is to get you all to actively about the choices you made, whether those choices helped you fit the genre of the toilet talk, and, if they didn’t, why didn’t they and how could you improve upon your genre production.

After that we went into possible research you could do for toilet talks, and, from there, we talked about how to do research in general. We talked about what research methods you all have used in the past, and then I shared some of mine. After that, we used the session to discuss how to find the right keywords to use in a library search. We went around the room and brainstormed keywords based on your GRWJ article arguments.

After that, I gave you all a few minutes to do your check-in and reminded you of your assignment for Tuesday.

Instructor: Evan Nave