In today’s class we did a few things:

  1. we went over content and format the same way we did with purpose and audience on Monday.
    some things to remember here – content is not just what the genre is about, it’s also how that topic gets treated in the text – what positions can be taken toward the topic and what does the genre believe or value about the topic? additionally, while format is possibly the easiest of the conventions, make sure you’re being very specific about how your text should be formatted
    in fact, be very specific about everything, so that you have a good set of guidelines for creating texts based on your research

  2. we did the discussion questions for the Safran and Nance-Carroll articles; as you’re reading articles, start really thinking about their research processes and what the authors are saying about genres and genre research and how these might inform your thinking about the class and the project

  3. we went over the Unit 2 assignment sheet – due 10/31 by class time and worth 15 points
    if you still have questions about this, please come and talk to me – I can’t help you otherwise.
    remember that there’s a purpose to the autobiography umbrella genre and consider this as you’re doing your research and creating your texts – just because the topic is the same doesn’t mean it will show up the same way in the social/professional genres

HW: by Monday you need to have selected a social and a professional genre for your projects