9-30 Session (both sections)

Hello all!

Today we started with a freewrite as we always do, but we cut the freewrite short to make more time for our activity.

We had a quick discussion of how we are feeling about CHAT and then we went over CHAT. You all called out the seven aspects and then you told me what you remember about each one. After that, I explained the activity and how to CHAT map (I drew it on the board).

Then you all began to make CHAT maps of the Toilet Talks genre using the archive link I provided for you all (http://wellness.illinoisstate.edu/living/toilet/). While you worked in groups (which were chosen through a count-off at the beginning of the activity), I walked around trying my best to facilitate discussion and answer any questions you guys came up with. After about 20-25 minutes, we discussed what you all had come up with. I asked each group to say one thing they came up with for each aspect and occasionally provided some information if you guys were unsure about one thing or other.

We then went over the assignment for next week–recreating your own toilet talk. I explained that you could rework an existing toilet talk by making it more visual or providing different information, or you could make an entirely new toilet talk.

I gave you guys the last five minutes of class (we went a little over in the first session) to do your weekly check-ins.

Next week we will be peer and self assessing what you guys bring in.

Instructor: Evan Nave