9-23 Meeting (both sessions)

Hello all!

Today we began, as always with a freewrite.

After the freewrite, we went over a few reminders:

-Start making appointments for your next one-on-one session

-I will not be available on 10/14 to meet, but I’ve added times to make up for that on 10/10

-Do not wait till the last week or you may not have an appointment

We then discussed not taking strategies and whether these strategies have been useful in reading the GRWJ articles with regards to the quizzes. We also, went over the most recent quiz in order to talk about what kinds of questions come up, and how you all can gear your note-taking for these kinds of questions.

We also watched a “Test your awareness” video to prove that memory is unreliable which means note-taking is important.

I also shared me, somewhat intense, note-taking strategies and we discussed which strategies, from all that we discussed in class, you all might try to incorporate into your note-taking.

We ended class a little early with our check-ins.

Instructor: Evan Nave