Hello all!

So, today we all struggled with my lack of voice. Well, not really, but I definitely did. Anyway, today on what actually happened in class:

We started by free writing about our writing processes – a lot of you wrote about things like drafting, revising, outlining, etc. What we determined from this is that the way we think about our writing process is mainly centered on “writing” within the academic box. If we changed “writing” to “composition” many of you said the process would change; that being said, every act of writing is an act of composition, and we want to start thinking about the composition process as larger than just academic writing, so that either the process needs to expand or we need to consider new processes.

We then moved to finishing up the writing rules activity we started on Monday. The main take away from this was that the “rules” we have learned about writing should be considered more like “guidelines,” particularly for academic types of writing; and that each different type of composition is going to have its own set of guidelines for doing it well.

Then we moved on to the Merrifield article discussion, adding “activity system” and “trajectory” to our specialized language for the ENG 101.10 discourse community in which we operate. (I drew maps/illustrations for both of these, so if you missed that you’re really missing out.)

Continue to think about how your immersion in different discourse communities and different types of texts come together to create different texts in different contexts. So much difference!

HW: weekly notes; Lewis & Schmidt articles (2 of them!) and responses; work on your project.