9/9 Session (both sections)

Hello all!

As always we began with a 10 minute freewrite.

After the freewrite, we watched the CHAT whiteboard animation video to re-introduce CHAT since most of you guys only had a little bit of experience with it. After the video, I briefly explained the assignment: Looking at the same genre we looked at last week (online advice columns), but this time through CHAT.

During the activity I reminded you all that 1) CHAT’s seven aspects are all interdependent and impact one another and 2) that I am not expecting mastery of CHAT at this point or anytime soon. At this point, it’s all about practice!

After the activity, we had a discussion about how using CHAT made you guys think about aspects of the now familiar genre that you hadn’t thought of previously. The concept of ecology was where a lot of this discovery came from. By the end of the class, most of you had an awareness that CHAT is a good way to analyze genres by making you actively think about things that you unconsciously thought about already, plus a little extra!

We ended class with our weekly check-ins and my announcements/reminders (No office hours this Friday!).


Instructor: Evan Nave