Tiny sunshine people (I’m hoping if I call you sunshines long enough you’ll begin to believe you are sunshine and embody that at 8 AM rather than having to stretch),

Today we finished our Bartholomae discussion (particularly focusing on questions 3, 4, & 5) and discussed how being part of a particular discourse community and audience of a text gives you access to it and affects the way it is taken up (i.e., you guys read Bartholomae as prescriptive – saying what should be done – where I read it as descriptive – describing what he sees happening). We also discussed how college-level students are expected to write within academic discourse communities/using academic discourses without explicitly being asked to write in that way and without having access to that discourse.

We went on to create our list of writing rules for part 2 of project 1 – all the things we know about writing/that make good writing. This is crucial for your project.

HW: Read Parish’s ‘shithouse poet’ article for Monday (if you haven’t already) and make sure you’ve done your reading response in your daybook (I will check); journal entry 1 should be done by now – you don’t have to turn it in to me, but you should have the document in your Drive folder; choose a text for your project – this needs to be approved by me by Monday; weekly notes by Sunday at 9PM labeled correctly