Colloquium 2016

Watch presentations by speakers Annie Hackett, Nathan Schmidt, and Cody Parish.


Annie Hackett
2015-16 Grassroots Writing Research Intern

Annie Hackett is a senior in the Publishing Studies sequence. She was a Grassroots Writing Research Intern in 2015-16. In this presentation, Annie explores the activity system involved in creating and producing a podcast. Annie uses cultural-historical activity theory (CHAT) to explain how every little part of the writing process is important for producing a final text. She describes the steps she went through to make a podcast and concludes that sometimes, you just have to power through the pain and frustration to create a successful product.

  • Issue 7.1: Available for purchase Fall 2016 and available online Spring 2017

Nathan Schmidt
2015-16 Grassroots Writing Research Intern

Nathan Schmidt is a senior English Studies major at Illinois State, and he is an intern with the Grassroots Writing Program. In his presentation, Nathan considers how notebook doodles can actually be an important part of a writing activity system, and how a healthy relationship with distraction can help a writer cultivate a confident writing research identity. He examines his own doodling practices, applying CHAT as a theoretical model for understanding how doodling may be related to concepts such as representation, socialization, and reception. He does not offer any note-taking advice.

  • Issue 7.1: Available for purchase Fall 2016 and available online Spring 2017

Cody Parish
GWRJournal Author

Cody Parish is a Master’s student in the English Studies program at Illinois State University. He’s a native Texan with an affinity for things musical, horror, and southern (but definitely not all at the same time). Cody’s presentation explores bathroom graffiti, interrogating first the campus restroom spaces where the tags can be found and then the tags themselves. From his findings, Cody draws conclusions about the activity of creating bathroom graffiti, its representation and reception, and its overarching purpose.

  • Issue 6.1: Available for purchase now and online here