How to Access the New Instructor Pre-Orientation Modules

We have built a series of Pre-Orientation Modules for our new instructors on ReggieNet. This tutorial will walk you through logging into ReggieNet and finding the modules.

To access these modules, follow these steps:

  1. Select a browser. For Mac users, Safari works fine. For Windows users, avoid Internet Explorer–it has significant compatibility issues with ReggieNet (ISU’s course management software). Firefox and Chrome are much better. (Tell your students this, too.) The modules weren’t designed for tablets or phones, but the system has recently been updated to be more compatible with them.
  2. Navigate to There are also ways of accessing ReggieNet through or, but this is the most direct route.
  3. Click on the CentralLogin button.
  4. Use your ULID and password to login. If you don’t already have your ISU login information, you will need your ULID, which you can get here: This is the same login information you will use for your email and any computers you may encounter on campus (including the one in your office and the ones in your classrooms).
  5. Once you’re inside ReggieNet itself, your courses should be listed along the top of the screen in the grey bars. The instructor modules are in “Writing Program Instructor Resources.” Click on the button.
  6. Click on “Materials for New Grad Students.”
  7. You’re there! Congratulations!

If something goes wrong:

  • If you don’t see the Writing Program Instructor Resources tab in ReggieNet, email Maegan Gaddis at, and she will make sure you’re added.
  • If there is a problem with one of the modules in terms of its technical qualities or in terms of a content question, email David Giovagnoli at He’ll either fix the problem or help you with your question.
  • If you’re having trouble logging into ReggieNet or your office computer, or if you have a similar technical problem, the Help Desk is available here:

An illustrated version of these instructions is available in PDF form, here.