Writing Research Identity

AUDIO CLIP – The Experiment Nature of Our Space & Failure

101 Coordinator Jeff Rients and Host Thaddeus speak about the nature of our program methods and concepts can engender situations that simply do not work out and offer practical advice for navigating experimental spaces more effectively. Let’s CHAT: Ep. 9 | Runtime: 0:54

AUDIO CLIP – How Does This Make Meaning for Me: Why is the “How” Important to a Writing Researcher?

Group responds to the question about why is helping students understand “how” they are composing important to teaching them to be writing researchers and discusses that helping student to articulate what they don’t know helps them to not only problem solve, but also to apply explicit self-understanding to new writing and learning situation for highroad transfer. Let’s CHAT: Ep. 5 | Runtime: 4:06

AUDIO CLIP – Opening Up the Gates! 

Host Thaddeus asks our advance instructors the important question, “What has changed the most about our teaching?” Emily and Gretchen talk specifically about their earlier teaching practices and how getting increasingly comfortable with flexibility helps students become co-creators in learning. Let’s CHAT: Ep. 11 | Runtime: 3:36