Uptake and Antecedent Knowledge

AUDIO CLIP – Uptake Genres Define Know Why You’re Doing What You’re Doing

Jeff and DC explore possible definition and pedagogical approaches to uptake genres and how to make more explicit the process of learning, so students know not only what they’re doing, but also how why they are doing it. Group agrees that uptake a genre help students to document learning and not fixed objects, but rather a series of objects in relation to each other and have a complicated process to them, becoming a valuable critical lens as well as transferable skill. Let’s CHAT: Ep. 8 | Runtime: 3:10

AUDIO CLIP – Rob’s Genre Understanding Sheet: Documenting Process with GUS

Rob talks about the implementation of this Genre Understanding Sheet (GUS), which helps students to think about and document writing research. Michelle, Angela, and Julie discuss various adaptions of GUS as well as other uptake genres, including Genre Analysis Reports and Field Notes that provide a medium for students to articulate not only what they did and how they went about it, but also what skills and knowledge they already had and what skills and knowledge they need in order to accomplish it. Indeed, GUS mutates! Let’s CHAT: Ep. 5 | Runtime: 5:32

AUDIO CLIP – This Weird New Thing: Challenges with Documenting Process in Writing Research

Group speaks about how they navigate student uptake of documenting processes and the learning curve involved in using uptake genres in writer researcher activities and assignments. Students may experience confusion and/or uncertainty, and the group gives examples of how to introduce, build, model, and help student find examples in peer practices and processes, which underscores how the instructors themselves have to work through these things, and at times, what happens is unintentional yet transferable learning. Let’s CHAT: Ep. 5 | Runtime: 6:46

AUDIO CLIP – Uptake Genre Recipes: “Creating Spaces to Talk About Their Learning” 

Thaddeus, Jeff, and DC share example of how to help student aware of, reflect, and talk about their own learning, their methods and why what their learning is important, and discuss possible ways to get student talking about what is working and working with each other and not just the instructor. Let’s CHAT: Ep. 8 | Runtime: 3:56

AUDIO CLIP – To Journal or Not To Journal: That is the Question

Dan, Deb, and Jeff question the practice of research or “reflective” journals, which might not be the most useful uptake genre, which lends to the question of student agency and choice. Let’s CHAT: Ep. 8 | Runtime: 6:05

AUDIO CLIP – What Went Wrong? Using Uptake Genre to Teach for Transfer

Group probes further into the purpose and assessing the value of uptake genres. So what are we doing with these things? And how do uptake genres come to really matter in methodologies that privilege teaching for transfer? Let’s CHAT: Ep. 8 | Runtime: 4:15

AUDIO CLIP – Zero Points: Grading as a Piece of Writing Research Rather than Product 

Deb and Jeff talk how their assessment strategies reflect program idea about uptake genres and transfer, revealing how their focus is not about the object of production but rather on learning and writing as research-based process. Let’s CHAT: Ep. 8 | Runtime: 4:35

AUDIO CLIP – Uptake Genre Ideas to Help Students Document Learning; Some Are Even Hippy-Dippy

A group of instructors offers ideas for uptake genres that they have either used before or hope to use, including further thoughts on how to come to view student learning as a relationship between these genres as well as using technology to carry them out. Let’s CHAT: Ep. 8 | Runtime: 3:13