Researching Content

AUDIO CLIP – How Does This Make Meaning for Me: Why is “How” Important to Writing Researchers?

Group responds to the question about why is helping student understand “how” they are composing important to teaching them to be writing researchers and discusses that helping students to articulate what don’t know helps them to not only problem solve, but also to apply to explicit self-understanding to new writing and learning situation for highroad transfer. Let’s CHAT: Ep. 5 | Runtime: 4:06

PODCAST – Connections between Comm 110 and ENG 101

The Critical Inquiry Ambassador discuss the relationship between ENG 101, COM 110, and research at Milner Library. Topics include commonalities in terminology, research attitudes, transfer, and how to continue this collaboration between ENG 101, COM 110, and Milner Library. Let’s CHAT: Ep. 2 | Runtime: 25:07

WEBSITE – Milner: ENG 101 Instructor Guide

A special web page designed by Milner Library’s Information Use & Fluency Unit for instructors teaching content research in English 101. Milner Library Subject Guide.