Researching Content

VIDEO CLIP – First and Goal: Researching on the Evolving Information Highway Part One

Is football really a literate practice that involves researching for content? What sort of content? What methods have coaches used over the years, and how has new technologies shaped these? What sort of representation is required of coaches? How might technology have changed coaches, players, and even the game itself? Half-Mile with Coach Gaddis Fall 2015 | Runtime: 3.35 minutes (Also Learning Outcome Five and Seven)

VIDEO CLIP – Second and Goal: Researching to Get What You Want on the Information Highway Part Two

Searching for any content has now transformed into searching for the most relevant content. Zip down the field of research practices to learn how the internet and technologies have really helped coaches in this clip! Half-Mile with Coach Gaddis Fall 2015 | Runtime: 2.30 minutes (Also Learning Outcome Four)

AUDIO CLIP – We Didn’t Just Invent This to Screw with You

Thaddeus and Emily discuss teaching academic citation and how, too often, citation are taught as a treat than a cool tool for communication with each one another. We heart citation! Let’s CHAT: Ep. 11 | Runtime: 1:56

ARTICLE – The Trend of the Pen: A Study of the Writing Attitudes and Habits of ISU Freshmen

JoeyLauren Jiracek explores a freshman’s transition from high school writing to college writing by conducting a survey of ISU freshmen writers. The information gained by conducting this survey, along with Jiracek’s reflections on her own process of writing the survey, reveal how freshman can work with their attitudes towards writing to help the transition go smoothly. GWRJournal: 4.1 | Pages: 10

VIDEO CLIP – Flyer Power! Hyped-Up: “How it all comes together”

Jenn talks about the activity involved in producing effective flyers for a Teen Mom Support Group, demonstrating how creating effective content requires investigation and does not happen in isolation. So how many people are involved in one flyer? Learn what works and what doesn’t work and why collaboration and knowing your audience really matters. Surely, this clip is worth the hype! Half-Mile 2015 | Runtime: 3:24

ARTICLE – Eavesdropping on the Conversation: Situating an Undergraduate’s Role within the Scope of Academic Journals

Kylie Wojciechowski studies scholarly writing by similarly examining how her positionality and understanding of audience collide in the genre of academic journals. She observes, like many of our writers in this issue, that our understanding of a genre can affect not only how we might compose in the future, but also how we perceive and use texts we find intimidating or complex. GWRJournal: 5.1 | Pages: 12

AUDIO CLIP – Academic Journals Versus Wiki’s never done me wrong 

Students Jamie Campell and John Golden reveal their preferred research methods, sources, and tools. What’s your take? BEYOND 101: Ep. 2 | Runtime: 3:27

WEBSITE – Welcome to Milner

A special web page designed by Milner Library’s Information Use & Fluency Unit aimed at students performing content research in English 101. Milner Library Subject Guide.