Peer and Self-Assessment

VIDEO PLAYLIST – Assessment Tutorial Series

This series is comprised of three short videos that give a general overview of how we think about assessment at ISU. The three videos are: What is Assessment?, Intro to Peer Assessment, and The Mysterious Art of Self-Assessment. ISU Writing Program | Runtime: 10:11

ARTICLE – What You Can, Can’t, and Can’t Not: How to Decipher What Writing “Rules” Apply and When

Abbie O’Ryan’s investigation of some common writing “rules,” questioning in which genres and writing situations these rules apply. GWRJournal: 4.1 | Pages: 10

VIDEO CLIP – Feedback: We Don’t Know?

Jenn talks about getting and not getting feedback. Are having audiences assess what’s working and not working important? How so? Oh, Princesses Elsa and Anna and Spiderman will be there! Half-Mile 2015 | Runtime: 2:34

VIDEO CLIP – Transferring Genre Knowledge: Writers Helping Writers!

Understanding Conventions is Understanding Reception and Trajectory as a “Helpful” Activity System. Talking more about documentation genres, Camille Easton reveals how the nursing practice is also a writing practice and where the most effective practices are not only learned, but also shared among writers. Camille Easton’s best received advice, “Always follow up a negative with a positive” Half-Mile 2014 | Runtime: 2:28

AUDIO CLIP – Savvy Readers of their Own Text

Passionate for literature, Gretchen share how her focus on reading empowered her to be an effective teacher of writing and how when it comes to reading or writing you’ve got to go both. Let’s CHAT: Ep. 11 | Runtime: 2:42

ARTICLE – The Grape Dimetapp™ Effect: Revising the “Revision as Medicine” Metaphor

Moria Torrington talks about specific writing aspects and practices. “The Grape DimetappTM Effect: Revising the ‘Revision as Medicine’ Metaphor” uses CHAT to walk through her cousin’s revision process draft by draft. GWRJournal: 3.1 | Pages: 8