WHITEBOARD ANIMATION VIDEO – Episode 3: Voyages of the Genre Enterprise…Exploring Diverse Writing Forms and Seeking Out New Skills and Compositions

Go on a stellar culinary voyage aboard the Genre Enterprise. Twins Larz and Loxie investigate the difference between content research and genre research, exploring diverse forms and compositions, learning new skills and knowledge that will travel with them to future writing situations. This spacey genre adventure is sure to cook up transferable writing success! Learning Outcome Adventure Series | Runtime: 9:27

VIDEO CLIP – Forward Progress: Changing Technology, Changing Relationships?

Student asks if advances in technology have changed relationships between coaches and players. Discover how literate practices might have changed over the years? What genres are involved now versus then? From the point of view of coaches, do you think that these changes are positive or negative? What about from the players’ point of view? Half-Mile with Coach Gaddis Fall 2015 | Runtime: 2.26 minutes (Also Learning Outcome Seven)

VIDEO CLIP – Winning Reception Part One: Simplifying Terms, Technology, and Multimodalities

Simple terms don’t necessarily mean one modality. How many different genres and modes do football literate practices involve? Half-Mile with Coach Gaddis Fall 2015 | Runtime: 2.32 minutes (Also Learning Outcome Seven)

VIDEO CLIP – Winning Reception Part Two: Balancing Simple Language with Making Sense

Coach Gaddis wins extra points in detailing the requirements of the playbook genre. What are they? Half-Mile with Coach Gaddis Fall 2015 | Runtime: 1.45 minutes (Also Learning Outcome Seven)

VIDEO CLIP – Football Writing: A Multimodal Sport

Explore the new genre of the football writing situation. What are the conventions of this multimodal activity and how do these conventions help coaches and players? Half-Mile with Coach Gaddis Fall 2015 | Runtime: 3.12 minutes (Also Learning Outcome Seven)

VIDEO – Genres Part I: Let’s Typify That Response

The Word Bird looks at genres as typified responses to recurring situations. Explores how genres evolve out of social contexts through the example of the hall pass. The Word Bird | Runtime: 4:45

VIDEO – Genres Part II: Let’s Make Activities Happen

The Word Bird explore how genres facilitate activities (or make them impossible). Looks at basic activities–like checking out library books–and examine how many genres are involved in those processes. The Word Bird | Runtime: 4:31

ARTICLE – I’m with Stupid: Considering the Genre of the Humorous T-Shirt

R.L. Jones shares his study of humorous t-shirts, examining his real life encounters and analyzing the goals and purpose of this unique genre. GWRJournal: 5.2 | Pages: 12

ARTICLE – Me, Me, Me: It’s All About Meme

Katie Shoukry takes her readers through her process of researching and investigating memes, including, among others, some of her favorites: Socially Awkward Penguin and Condescending Wonka. GWRJournal: 4.2 | Pages: 7

VIDEO CLIP – Genre Jargon Uptake: “Formal Training versus Learning On-The-Job”

“Do nurses go through training to learn how to write charts or is it something that you have to pick up as you go?” Even in genres that require the most objective of writing practices, there are still differences, proving how we take up writing standards and guidelines varies not only from individual to individual, but also by the tools and writing situations in which we apply them. Half-Mile 2014 | Runtime: 1:06

VIDEO CLIP – Understanding Conventions Is Understanding Reception and Trajectory

“What is the difference between posting on Facebook as a Yoga Instructor and writing as a Nurse?” Camille demonstrates how one genre’s convention is NOT another genre’s convention. In fact, not following the conventions of certain genres can land you right in court! Taking us from the fluid inspirations of “come jump in the slow flow river the water is good” to the rigid documentation where there’s “no room at all to insert your opinion,” this clip is certainly legit! Half-Mile Half-Mile 2014 | Runtime: 2:06

AUDIO CLIP – Huddle up! Purposefully Scrambling in the Writing Trenches for Productive Uncertainty

Dan and Deb offer example of writing football plays and using productive uncertainty to destabilize students’ fixed notions of writing, giving way for the opportunity to not only embrace failure, but also discuss context and culture as well as audience tools. Let’s CHAT: Ep. 8 | Runtime: 3:31

ARTICLE – I’m Doing it Wrong: Political Posts on Facebook

David J Marshall’s analysis of political posts on Facebook. Marshall investigates Facebook as an activity system, questioning why social media are popularly considered inappropriate forums for expressing “political” opinions. GWRJournal: 4.2 | Pages: 9

ARTICLE – Taking the First Step: Discovering Genre through Blog Analysis

Kate Wilfinger’s introduction to genre analysis and CHAT as illustrated through an analysis of a professional blog in her field of medical laboratory science. GWRJournal: 3.2 | Pages: 10

ARTICLE – The Creation of a Personal Blog: Genre Bike Riding

Mary Cullen takes the reader on a journey through the multiple stages she encountered when learning to compose in this way: piquing interest, choosing a style, finding teachers, training, making first attempts, practicing, experiencing the mishaps along the way, and finally reaching the overall goal. GWRJournal: 5.2 | Pages: 13