Cultural and Ethical Impacts

VIDEO CLIP Stealing Plays: The Ethics and Access Match-up!

Student asks if other teams steal team plays and/or signals. How does technology complicate the ethics involved in football literate practices? What else complicates the ethics of these activities? Half-Mile with Coach Gaddis Fall 2015 | Runtime: 2.34 minutes

VIDEO CLIP – Knowing Your Players: Accommodating Special Needs

How does special needs shape literate practices in football? How so? Do school cultures and football cultures share information? Who or what determines how player information is shared? Is this necessary? Half-Mile with Coach Gaddis Fall 2015 | Runtime: 3.00 minutes (Also Learning Objective Five)

ARTICLE – From Religion to Chicken Cannibalism: American Fast Food Ads in Kuwait

By comparing Kuwaiti fast food advertising to American fast food advertising, Summer Qabazard studies the implications of those differences and further deepen the cultural aspect of genre analysis by looking at international genres. GWRJournal: 3.2 | Pages: 7

ARTICLE – Word Choice: Global Challenges in Academic Writing

Cristina Sanchez Martin studies word choice by conducting interviews and considering the perspectives of international students. GWRJournal: 5.1 | Page: 12

VIDEO CLIP – Ethics: You Better Make Sure

“Are there any ethics involved in making flyers?” participants ask. Jenn talks about how care is need when targeting populations of parents and how design and language can make a difference. How does including social situations such as gender or age impact the audience? Half-Mile 2015 | Runtime: 2:08

VIDEO CLIP – Working and Not Working: “I don’t love this”

What is the benefit and limitations to using stereotypes? Producing an effective flyer is more complicated social activity than one may think. Half-Mile 2015 | Runtime: 0:27

VIDEO CLIP – Understanding Conventions Is Understanding Reception and Trajectory

“What is the difference between posting on Facebook as a Yoga Instructor and writing as a Nurse?” Camille demonstrates how one genre’s convention is NOT another genre’s convention. In fact, not following the conventions of certain genres can land you right in court! Taking us from the fluid inspirations of “come jump in the slow flow river the water is good” to the rigid documentation where there’s “no room at all to insert your opinion,” this clip is certainly legit! Half-Mile 2014 | Runtime: 2:06

ARTICLE – Pricked: Extreme Embroidery, or the Sampler’s Extraordinary Journey across Cultures

Adriana Gradea investigates the complex cultural considerations involved when a genre is transformed and transferred to new spaces and audiences. GWRJournal: 4.1 | Pages: 10