Professional Literacies Project Fall 2015 — Wes Gaddis, Football Coach

Winning Compositions! Get a Play Action Pass from Coach Gaddis
Community Guest Speaker Wes Gaddis
Thursday, September 24, 2015, STV 133

Huddle up. Football is a multimodal sport! Wes Gaddis, football player and coach with over twenty-five years of experience, visited instructor Kristen Strom’s classes of ENG 101 Composition students to talk about how he tackles literate practices and writing situations in little league and high school football. Touch down! Answering student questions from access to ethics, Coach Gaddis discusses how changing technologies have come to shape the activity system of football—not only in how coaches and players communicate and research, but also in how they think about and respond to all the complex activities that they do. Now that’s forward progress.

Clip 1: Forward Progress: Changing Technology, Changing Relationships?
Learning Outcomes Three and Seven | Runtime  2.26 minutes

Student asks if advances in technology have changed relationships between coaches and players. Discover how literate practices might have changed over the years? What genres are involved now versus then? From the point of view of coaches, do you think that these changes are positive or negative? What about from the players’ point of view?

Clip 2: Stealing Plays: The Ethics and Access Match-up!
Learning Outcome: Eight | Runtime: 2.34 minutes

Student asks if other teams steal team plays and/or signals. How does technology complicate the ethics involved in football literate practices? What else complicates the ethics of these activities?

Clip 3: Homework in Football? Individuals, Groups, and Assignment Access
Learning Outcome: Seven | Runtime: 2.37 minutes

Instructor Kristen Strom asks how coaches use online cloud software as well as how coaches go about making assignments and for whom. Is access to technology an issue in these activities?

Clip 4: Fifteen Hours into a Forty-Minute Huddle Up: Activity of Breaking It Down with Technology
Learning Outcomes: Five and Seven | Runtime: 2.24 minutes

Student asks if Coach Gaddis had ever wished for a technological advancement that wasn’t there. Discover why his answer is yes and no. In the past, what were the genres of this activity system? What were the genres and genre requirements? Were these limiting? In using new technologies, how has representation changed?

Clip 5: First and Goal: Researching on the Evolving Information Highway Part One
Learning Outcomes:  Four, Five, and Seven | Runtime: 3.35 minutes

Is football really a literate practice that involves researching for content? What sort of content? What methods have coaches used over the years, and how has new technologies shaped these? What sort of representation is required of coaches? How might technology have changed coaches, players, and even the game itself?

Clip 6: Time Out! Down the Field with Compelling Technologies
Learning Outcome: Seven | Runtime: 1.58 minute

Coach Gaddis talks about time and technologies in this activity system. Is technology viewed as a method of positive or negative change? How so?

Clip 7: Knowing Your Players: Accommodating Special Needs
Learning Outcomes: Five and Eight | Runtime: 3.00 minutes

How does special needs shape literate practices in football? How so? Do school cultures and football cultures share information? Who or what determines how player information is shared? Is this necessary?

Clip 8: Winning Reception Part One: Simplifying Terms, Technology, and Multimodalities
Learning Outcomes: Three and Seven | Runtime: 2.32 minutes

Simple terms don’t necessarily mean one modality. How many different genres and modes do football literate practices involve?

Clip 9: Winning Reception Part Two: Balancing Simple Language with Making Sense
Learning Outcomes: Three and Seven | Runtime: 1.45 minute

Coach Gaddis wins extra points in detailing the requirements of the playbook genre. What are they?

Clip 10: Communication Blockers and Technology’s Big Play!
Learning Outcomes: Three and Seven | Runtime: 1.56 minute

Coach Gaddis reveals one of the biggest constraints involved in these literate practices, showing how technology scores extra points with coaches and players.

Clip 11: Talking Players in the Zone: How Meanings Change with Technology and Location
Learning Outcomes:  Seven | Runtime: 2.07 minutes

Student asks about ways technology has changed practices in this activity system, learning how not only technology, but also communities shape these literate practices?

Clip 12: Second and Goal: Researching to Get What You Want on the Information Highway Part Two
Learning Outcome: Four and Seven | Runtime: 2.30 minutes

Searching for any content has now transformed into searching for the most relevant content. Zip down the field of research practices to learn how the internet and technologies have really helped coaches in this clip!

Clip 13: Football Writing: A Multimodal Sport
Learning Outcomes: Three and Seven | Runtime: 3.12 minutes

Explore the new genre of the football writing situation. What are the conventions of this multimodal activity and how do these conventions help coaches and players?

Clip 14: Talking with Hands: The Multimodal Team Communication Activity System

Learning Outcomes: Five and Seven | Runtime: 3.13 minutes

What are the alternative modes of production in these football literate practices? Who participates? How does this shape the activities and player identities? Join us in giving this winning coach a hand!

Clip 15: Scouting It Out: Changing Technology, Changing Activities
Learning Outcomes: Five and Seven| Runtime: 2.31 minutes

Instructor Kristen Strom asks about the activity of scouting, and Coach Gaddis demonstrates how new genres not only create new genres, but also helps coaches in ways that wasn’t available before. Touch down!


Producer and Editor: Michelle Wright Dottore

Associate Producer and Editor: Maegan Gaddis

Technical Assistance: Frank Macarthy