Professional Development Opportunities

Professional Development Activities

Each semester the Writing Program produces a list of ideas about how instructors can meet the program’s professional development expectations.

The following list offers a wide range of possible activities that could be used for professional development. The Writing Program may have other opportunities available during specific semesters, but the following list includes our regularly scheduled events and opportunities.

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  • The Writing Program Common Read (Fall):  Experienced instructors in the program will have an opportunity to read and participate in discussions about different scholarship in the field.  A short list of a few keys articles that will be covered in ENG 402 each fall will be published at the beginning of each semester. Instructors can commit to reading and participating in a discussion (either face-to-face or online) when the article comes up in the 402 reading rotation.
  • Advanced Instructor Workshops:  We are committed to offering special ½ day and full-day workshops for advanced instructors, where program concepts can be reviewed and discussed in an environment specifically designed for experienced instructors.
  • Program Podcast Responses:  Instructors could also choose to listen to one or more of our program podcasts and offer thoughtful-but-brief responses that we could include on our website.
  • Grassroots Journal Article:  Instructors can earn $50.00 for producing a Grassroots Writing Research Journal article. More information about writing articles is available on our program website (
  • Experimental Teaching Groups (Spring):  Each spring semester we offer instructors a chance to work on a particular concept or project that is important to our program.  Often these projects lead to conference presentations or publications, and participants receive financial support from the Writing Program to do this work.
  • Ongoing Assessment Projects:  Instructors also have the opportunity to work on a range of different kinds of assessment projects (usually funded work), which offer opportunities to better understand our program’s learning goals and the diverse teaching practices that our instructors use in the classroom.
  • Detailed Course Plan:  Instructors can also choose to complete a detailed course plan to add to our program archive.  These course plans are used for new instructor training and as a way to archive the diverse range of our teaching practices.
  • Teaching Cohorts:  Instructors could also choose to participate in our ongoing teaching cohorts, which are part of the training for new instructors.