ENG 101

Titled “Composition as Critical Inquiry,” this three-hour-per-week course introduces first-year students to research-based writing.  Students in ENG 101 will study the relationship between the conventions that govern writing and the contexts in which writing is situated; they will learn to recognize distinctions and affinities between different genres in both academic and non-academic settings. Building on both their existing knowledge of writing situations, and research into specific writing situations and tasks, they will develop techniques for writing flexibly and effectively for different audiences, forums and purposes. Through research and practice in a range of writing genres and situations, they will develop their ability to address the discursive conventions of genres in a wide variety of writing situations.

In addition to baseline ENG 101, we also offer a small number of specialized sections of 101 for Urban Teacher Preparation and participants in the university Honors Program.

Learning Outcomes for ENG 101 – The Learning Outcomes are not just our goals in the classroom, but also a statement of our values as a Writing Program.

Course Structure and Topical Outline -A detailed description of the course with demographics, summary learning outcomes, a breakdown of the major divisions of a typical ENG 101 semester.

ENG101 At A Glance– This 1 page infographic offers a quick view of what students learn in 101, as well as tips for ISU instructors for how to use this knowledge when assigning writing in advanced classes.

Sample Syllabi – We’ll soon have full ENG 101 course plans available for perusal, but for now here are an array of first day syllabi written by some of our most successful instructors.

Writing Program instructors (including new instructors who have received their ULID) can access even more syllabi and full course plans at our Writing Program Instructors Resources in ReggieNet.