ISU Writing Program Common Read Project

ISU Writing Program Common Read

In Fall 2015 our ISU Writing Program Common Read Project is Writing Across Contexts: Transfer, Composition, and Sites of Writing.  Kathleen Blake Yancey, Liane Roberston, and Kara Taczak. Utah State University Press, 2014.  Kathleen Yancy will also be our Writing Program Visiting Speaker for 2015.

Our goal in establishing the Common Read Project is to connect our instructors with recent and relevant research in the field that can apply directly to our course goals and teaching practices. The Common Read Project will also help us to make stronger connections between our new and experienced instructors, because it allows experienced instructors to make connections with and start conversations about some of the same the research and theory that new ISU writing program instructors are also reading (as part of ENG 402).

Information about the Common Read Project:

(1) Instructors teaching in the ISU Writing Program (and other interested faculty) can obtain copies of the text (while supplies last) for a reduced price of $10.00 from the Writing Program office (STV133).

(2) ISU instructors can participate in an ongoing discussion board, which will continue throughout the semester. If you are a Writing Program instructor, you can access the discussion board here:

Common Read Discussion Board

(3) ISU faculty and graduate students and undergraduates who aren’t teaching in the Writing Program can also participate and join the discussion. If you contact Maegan Gaddis, the Writing Program Coordinator, she can add you to the discussion board site:

(4) Face-to-Face Reading Group:  Interested instructors, graduate students, and undergraduates are also invited to sign up for a Tuesday Night reading group 7:00 PM.  You can sign up here: Sign Up for the Common Read Reading Group.