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For those of you who really like the Learning Outcomes Resources, but want more. For those of you who are stuck on a concept and need some more ideas on how to grapple with it. For those of you who want a new, slightly different angle for how to approach a concept. This post is for you.

Writing Research Identity

AUDIO CLIP – Out of Your Comfort Zone

Jamie and John travel back in time, offering advice to their past selves. “You Got To Do You,” but which you? Free yourself and the rest will follow. BEYOND 101: Ep. 2 | Runtime: 4:08

VIDEO CLIP – “Walk through the barriers”

Starting up a business can be challenging. What do you think is the biggest obstacle? The composition or the composer? Half-Mile 2014 | Runtime: 1:53

VIDEO CLIP – “Remediating Practices and the Process of Writing the Self”

“Where do you see your business in five to ten years?” one student inquires and comes to learn through Camille’s personal narrative how representation truly changes and evolves. This is a story of traveling genres and growth. “Everything,” Camille Easton says, “has stages.” Half-Mile 2014 | Runtime: 1:29

VIDEO CLIP – Personal Reflection in Practice: “You guys should keep on going”

Finding out the best direction for you in college and in life is finding out more about who you are and the opportunities that you may have in front of you. Reflection on individual life experiences helps us to rewrite ourselves. Half-Mile 2014 | Runtime: 1:41

AUDIO CLIP – Cohort of Consulting

Andrew, Brad, Mac, and Shannon reflect on their time as consultants during the first semester and reveal how it provided support in important ways, helping them to develop their own teaching personas. Let’s CHAT: Ep. 10 | Runtime: 2:05

Peer and Self-Assessment

VIDEO CLIP – Spell Check Doesn’t Save Lives or a Lieutenant’s Credibility

Jenn reflects on her writing experiences working for the Bloomington Police Department, and how police have to write too! Her ability to assess writing thoughtfully becomes a highly sought out transferable skill. Half-Mile 2015 | Runtime: 1:58

VIDEO CLIP – “We’re publishing these things”

Jenn discusses techniques that go into creating newsletters and pamphlets and reveals how the product reflects something about the person who created it. Is the way you come across important? How is that “way” determined? How can writing discredit a person? Do bad examples matter? Half-Mile 2015 | Runtime: 1:59

VIDEO CLIP – Writing and Reception Matter!

One student questions, “Out of the writing that you have to do, what would you say is your favorite?” The topic of “favorite writing” leads the conversation into the concept of “reception” as a “human to human connection,” and how this connection inspires revision when looking at your own writing through someone else’s point of view. “If you want to ask me again,” Camille laughs, “you can.” Indeed, writing isn’t an isolated practice that one just does; it’s interpersonal and carries major meaning! Half-Mile 2014 | Runtime: 2:02

AUDIO CLIP – Tricks of the Trade

Wrapping up, this podbite includes Emily and Gretchen’s ultimate tips of the teaching trade. Let’s CHAT: Ep. 11 | Runtime: 1:20

All About Genres

VIDEO CLIP – Rock the Group & Play with a Purpose

Explore the purpose of the flyer genre. How does its purpose influence how it is produced? Do flyers tell a story? How? Half-Mile 2015 | Runtime: 1:11

VIDEO CLIP – “Rock the Twitter”

Student asks, “How did you make your business known?” Find out how advertising involves not only several different genres, but also multiple activity systems. How many genre and activities do you count? Half-Mile 2014 | Runtime: 2:35

AUDIO CLIP – Piracy Pedagogies

Grad instructors share examples of the teaching practices, projects, and genres that they have picked up from other instructors, such as ethnographies, and demonstrate how the most effective teachers are, indeed, thieves! Let’s CHAT: Ep. 10 | Runtime: 3:52

Researching your Content

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Cultural-Historical Activity Theory

VIDEO CLIP –  “The big thing is…”

Instructor Beth Chandler asks, “In starting a business in Uptown Normal, were there certain requirements that you had to meet, certain documentation that was needed? What was that process like?” Find out how CULTURE can overtake and trump GENRE! Now that’s CHAT! Half-Mile 2014 | Runtime: 1:09

VIDEO CLIP – Pyramid Effect: How to Reach Your Target Population

Student questions “Where do you distribute your flyers?” Jenn shows how distribution is not so simple of an activity and carries its own range of practices and methods. “Here, check this out.” Half-Mile 2015 | Runtime: 2:33

ARTICLE – In the Twilight of the Modern Age: What Stephenie Meyer Can Teach Us About CHAT

Ryan Edel dives into one popular vampire text set—Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight series—using CHAT. These writers expertly utilize Cultural-Historical Activity Theory in diverse ways, demonstrating the many avenues for writing research available to those interested in CHAT. GWRJournal: 5.1 | Pages: 14

AUDIO CLIP – Take this with You, It’s Portable!

Emily and Gretchen “chat” about program terms and/or concepts have been the most challenging, such helping students to think more broadly about the knowledge and skills in order to transfer these beyond composition classes. Let’s CHAT: Ep. 11 | Runtime: 3:21

Uptake and Antecedent Knowledge

AUDIO CLIP – Uptake Genres Woes: Trouble with Flattened Views of Writer-Researcher Activity 

Group discusses the challenges of designing and implementing uptake genres, particularly where the focus returns to a flattened snapshot of the product or content rather than a robust view of writer research activity. Getting at “how” also means navigating the “what.” Let’s CHAT: Ep. 5 | Runtime: 5:07

AUDIO CLIP – Comfortable with Uncertainty: What Helped Instructor Take Up “Uptake” Themselves?

Group shares the specific ways to conceptualize uptake genres that helped them to not only take up the concept and theories themselves, but also apply these strategies to their teaching practices, which includes cultivating an environment where students are more comfortable with uncertainty and experimentation. Let’s CHAT: Ep. 5 | Runtime: 2:43

AUDIO CLIP – Assessing Short Term Uptake Genres In the Moment: Are We Generating New Views?

Group talks about the more informal assessment for evaluating how students are taking up concepts and term in the moment and share a range of approaches and teaching styles to help students to help student really start talking about their process of learning and writing. Let’s CHAT: Ep. 5 | Runtime: 5:09

AUDIO CLIP – “Shake It Up and Think About Why”

Emily and Gretchen agree that no matter your pedagogical savvy, it is necessary to rethink about your teaching practices from time to time. Zooming in on how our approach to teaching composition aims to go beyond disciplinary boundaries, these veteran instructor dive into the core of our mission. We love to shake it up with purpose! Let’s CHAT: Ep. 11 | Runtime: 1:08

(Multi)media and (Multi)Modalities

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Cultural and Ethical Impacts

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