Writing A Personal Statement

At the 2015 ISU English Studies Showcase, which took place here in Bloomington-Normal (in our own Stevenson Hall) on April 25th, the Writing Program offered a workshop for students interested in learning more about the genre of the Personal Statement.

Also called college admissions essays or a statement of purpose, personal statements aren’t really even a clear genre at all, because they can be used in so many different situations, and their features (how they look, what they contain) can be so different in each of these situations.

In our workshop, we focused on the personal statements that high school students write as part of their admission into college (and especially personal statements that could be used for admission to Illinois State University, since we hope that a lot of our guests on Saturday will choose to attend school here!).

The handout linked here offers details from the workshop, including links to resources and sample personal statements.

Workshop Handout