An Introduction to ReggieNet

redbirdOur Writing Program instructors make use of ReggieNet, the Illinois State University course management system.  ReggieNet is the locally branded version of the Sakai learning environment, named after our ISU mascot, Reggie the Redbird.  You may have worked with other course management software, such as Blackboard or Moodle.  If not, don’t fret.  Once you get over the initial learning curve of managing your course in a virtual environment, ReggieNet affords instructors a wide variety of tools, including a grade book, assignment management, discussion forums and lots of other neat stuff.

During our Summer Orientation program, new instructors will be introduced to many of these tools.  In the meantime, new instructors need to activate their ULID so they can access ReggieNet during the summer; all our pre-orientation prep materials are kept in the modules section of the Writing Program ReggieNet site.  Using these modules, new folks are introduced into the pedagogy and theories informing the program, as well as nuts and bolts stuff like where to find the coffee.

ReggieNet sample page