Instructors’ Blog

New this year, we are offering two guest blogging positions per semester where instructors (only) to talk about what it is like to work in our program.

The guest blogger would be responsible for 6 posts a semester for a $100 Amazon gift card for books for your research. The posts would be housed on our site.

We need two kinds of bloggers:

  1. The Resource Pioneer – an instructor who’s willing to research new resources (technologies, teaching strategies) and then describe how they employed those in their classroom. Specifically, how these tools work within our genre studies approach.
  2. Learning Outcomes Juggernaut – this is an instructor who can walk us through their process of teaching specific Learning Outcomes. We want to hear what worked and what didn’t. Triumphs, failures, and next steps are all great fodder for this blogger.

Contact if you’re interested in applying.


NOTE: Undergrads who are interested in blogging (and publishing) should see the details about our GWRInternship.