Colloquium 2015

Watch presentations by speakers Kayla Scott, Stephanie Behnke, and Scott Pyrz and Thaddeus Stoklasa.

2014-15 GWRJournal Scholar

A sophomore styling both Art Teacher Education and Ceramics majors at ISU, Kayla is currently conducting “A Writing Research Project on How Artists Write.” Kayla’s passion for art, language, and teaching has sparked her love of writing research. In this presentation, Scott discusses her quest to further understand the genre of the artist statement through interviews and surveys with artists at various stages of their careers. Ultimately, she argues that writing connects people across different disciplines—whether you are an artist, mathematician, or still undeclared—and is essential for communication, understanding, and being successful.

2014-15 GWRJournal Scholar

A sophomore in Sociology at ISU, Stephanie is currently researching the activity of interpersonal apologizing, applying her newfound interest in cultural-historic activity theory to her passion for studying society. In this presentation, Stephanie uses activity theory to better understand how ISU students apologize to one another in interpersonal relationships. Stephanie seeks to create a robust picture of the choices students make when they’re apologizing, especially their choices to use different digital and non-digital technologies to make apologies.

GWRJournal Authors

In this presentation, Thaddeus and Scott (Ph.D. students in English Studies at ISU) share about composing an article featured in the current issue of the Grassroots Writing Research Journal—an article that ruminates on how technological and partnership choices people make when writing collaboratively impact the successes and failures of that work.

  • Issue 5.2: We wrote an unpublishable article (that you can still read) Available for purchase now and available online in Fall 2015!
  • Video of Presentation: A Story of Collaborative Writing (22:08)