Past GWRJ Fellowship Awardees

This internship has evolved through a few incarnations. We like the internship aspect because it allows students a more hands-on approach to publishing and it helps to generate documents from undergraduates for undergraduates on how to publish specifically for our journal. That being said, in the past incarnations, this program had Fellowship winners and we want to honor them and the articles they created for the journal.

Vanessa Garcia, 2013–14 Scholar

Forthcoming in Issue 6.1: When “Leaning In” Becomes “Falling on Your Face”

Kylie Wojciechowski, 2013–14 Scholar

Forthcoming in Issue 5.2: Some Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Writing

Abbie O’Ryan, 2012–13 Scholar

Issue 5.2: CHAT: Four of One Hundred and Forty Characters

JoeyLauren Jiracek, 2012 Scholar

Issue 4.1: The Trend of the Pen: A Study of the Writing Attitudes and Habits of ISU Freshmen

Miles Maggio, 2012 Scholar

Issue 4.1: The Memoir As Inquiry to Self Discovery

Brandon Stark, 2012 Scholar

Issue 4.1: Screenplay Writing: The Art of Writing Films