Jodi Shipka – Visiting Speaker 2014-2015

Talking Pictures

In this video-based presentation, Jody Shipka drew on theories of remediation, multimodality, and embodiment as she advocated the importance of moving beyond established archives (e.g. major research or university-based archives), to explore how the rich assortments of materials found at flea markets, estate and yard sales might positively impact research agendas and theories of composing–one that de-composes in order to re-compose, if you will–that played with time, space, voice and bodies in order to blur the boundaries between now and then, here and there, between the human and nonhuman, and the living and the dead. October 9, 2014


Jodi Shipka, Associate Professor of English, University of Maryland Baltimore County

Jody Shipka is an Associate Professor of English, teaching courses in the Communication and Technology track. She received her B.A. in English from Loyola University Chicago and her Ph.D. in English / Writing Studies from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. Her research and teaching interests include mediated activity theory, histories of Rhetoric and Composition, multimodal discourses, digital rhetorics, and play theory. Shipka is the author of Toward A Composition Made Whole and the Editor of Play! A Collection of Toy Camera Photographs. Her work has appeared in College Composition and CommunicationComputers and Composition, Enculturation, Kairos, Text and Talk and Writing Selves / Writing Societies, as well as other edited collections.