Kevin Roozen – Visiting Speaker 2011-2012

Acting with Tables: CHAT Perspectives of Literate Practice

Drawing upon data (sample texts, interview excerpts, and video recordings of literate activity) collected from a longitudinal case study of one undergraduate’s multiple textual engagements—engineering tasks, fanfiction novels, logic puzzles, video games, and a variety of her family’s literate activities—Roozen’s presentation argues for CHAT perspectives as one way of illuminating and understanding the connections writers forge across multiple instances of literate action. In addition to foregrounding the ways literate action comes to be historied by multiple literate engagements, CHAT as a pedagogical lens also makes visible the roles those histories play in the production of literate persons and practices. Perhaps more importantly, CHAT perspectives can help teachers and researchers understand how the full range of students’ seemingly discrete, autonomous literate activities contribute to the development of a literate life.


Kevin Roozen, Associate Professor of Rhetoric & Composition, Auburn University

As a teacher, Kevin has enjoyed various opportunities to work with different populations of learners (high school students, “at risk” undergraduates, senior English education majors, and new graduate teaching assistants) in a number of institutional contexts (high school, community colleges, a private liberal arts college, and two different large universities) and in a variety of capacities (as a teaching assistant, an instructor, a full-time secondary education teacher, and as an associate professor).  Here at the University of Central Florida, Kevin teaches first-year composition and a number of undergraduate and graduate courses. He also directs the First-Year Composition program.

As a researcher, Kevin’s longitudinal ethnographic studies of literate activity focus on the interplay between writing for multiple contexts and the implications those linkages and disconnects have for the extended development of literate persons and practices. His work has appeared in College Composition and CommunicationWritten Communication, Research in the Teaching of English, the Journal of Basic WritingText and Talk, Kairos, and in chapters for a number of edited collections.

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