Program Research In Progress

Writing-Across-the-Curriculum Research Project

In 2012 we began a research project that worked to investigate the kinds of writing that instructor at Illinois State University assign to students, and their understanding about the knowledge and skills that students need to have in order to succeed as writers in the University and the workplace.  So far we’ve completed three phases of the project, with another on the way in Spring 2016.

  • This first phase of the project involved student and instructors in 145. 13 interviewing students and faculty about the writing they do: 145.13_Student_Research_Project (2013).
  • In Spring 2015, we completed a 2nd survey, specifically focusing on the types of writing that instructor teaching COB courses assign:  ENG 145.13_COB_Survey_Report_Final_Spring_2015
  • In Fall 2015, we began a study designed to gather information about the writing instructors assign in course across the ISU curriculum (Forthcoming, Spring 2016).