Learning Outcomes for 145

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ENG 145 (after ENG 101)

If you took ENG 101 with us here at ISU, you’ll notice that the learning outcomes are largely the same. For students who’ve taken ENG 101 here at ISU, our expectations are that you will advance your skills in these areas, and specifically begin to apply them to the kinds of writing/communicating that happen in your academic discipline and potential workplace settings. For students who took a course equivalent to ENG 101 elsewhere, we’ll expect you to move into our course at an advanced level, which may mean that you’ll want to review some of the resources for the learning outcomes, since they won’t be familiar to you.


Learning Outcome #9

Discourse Communities: The Impact of Professional Communities

Short Version: Students should demonstrate an understanding of how written, oral, and digital communication is shaped by discourse communities within the student’s academic discipline and or/professional field. Exploring a range of disciplinary genres will give students experience with many different kinds of texts. Students will focus on the changes (the affordances and limitations) that happen when they produce content in different modes for specific discourse communities.

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What this Outcome Means

When we create texts in the classroom, it can be difficult to understand how these genres are used within our professional communities because students are not yet members of these communities. Even though they are acquiring the disciplinary language and learning to write in the genres of their disciplines, there are activities and tools that are not available to students who are still studying to join their respective professional communities. We want students to consider their prospective writing roles within their professional fields.

Skills & Activities:
  • You will be given the opportunity to interview members of academic and workplace communities that use the genre(s) you are creating for ENG 145.
  • You will examine genre(s) produced by members of your target discourse communities in order to better understand how these genres reflect the goals and values of the profession and/or discipline.
The Backstory

Research in Writing in the Disciplines indicates that as individuals move into their upper-level academic and professional lives, they need to make important (and often difficult) moves to learn new types of writing, which are sometimes very different (in subtle, difficult-to-identify) ways. As a result, ENG 145 and 145.13 is designed to help students learn writing research skills that will specifically help them as they move into the various discourse communities in their academic disciplines and professional working lives.