About Let’s CHAT

Our Let’s CHAT podcast series was named for one of our key program concepts, Cultural-Historical Activity Theory (CHAT). Our program differs from many general education writing programs in our active use of current research and theory in Writing Studies (and related fields that research learning and literacy), as well as our own Citizen Writing Research. We use research in genre studies and CHAT, research on learning transfer and cognition, as well as other kinds of research and theory. But in our efforts to engage with theory and research, we’re trying to move beyond just learning about it. We want to enact it: To observe its traces in our daily literate practices and to incorporate what we are learning into our personal knowledge as literate citizens. Our podcast series helps to bring together interested members of our community to talk about praxis—how the theories and research we read can make their way into our daily practice as writers, and as people who need to share our knowledge with others.