Quick Course Descriptions

English 101

Composition as Critical Inquiry – The three-hour-per-week first-year introduction to research-based writing. We offer a small number of specialized sections of 101 for Urban Teacher Preparation and participants in the university Honors Program.

ENG 101 Urban Prep

This is an ENG 101 course designed specifically for future educators.  It includes the same content as regular ENG 101 courses, but the topics focus specifically on teaching in urban settings.

English 101.10

Composition as Critical Inquiry – Students enrolled in this course meet with their instructor for three hours a week and also meet an additional hour a week with a Writing Program consultant for additional support.  Designed for students needed extra assistance in making the transition to university-level writing.

English 145

Writing in the Academic Disciplines – An intermediate course providing an introduction to research-based writing for multiple academic audiences.

English 145.13

Writing for Business and Government Organizations – Intermediary level introduction to research-based writing for multiple audiences. This course is for business and government students.