Meet the Team: Fall 2014

Associate Professor Joyce Walker is the Director of the Writing Program. Nancy McKinney is Assistant Director of the Writing Program. In addition, eight graduate students serve as Writing Program Assistants.

To contact members of the team, simply click on their names to send an e-mail through the English Department website.

Click to contact Joyce Walker or Nancy McKinney

2012-2013 Writing Program Assistants

English 101 Coordinator – Jeff Rients

English 101.10 Coordinator – Evan Nave

English 145 Coordinator – Deb Riggert-Kieffer

Professional Development Coordinator – Michelle Wright-Dottore

Technology Coordinator – Kate Brown

Grassroots Writing Research Journal Editor – Meghann Meeusen

Community Outreach, Speaker Series, & Grassroots Writing Research Scholarship Coordinator – Emily Johnston

Assessment & Writing Research Data Analyst – Summer Qabazard

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