Let’s CHAT Podcast Series

Have a long commute?  Just looking to listen to some helpful tips on teaching CHAT?  Then you’re in the right place!

10/29/2013 – Chatting about CHAT

Three Writing Program Instructors discuss their strategies for incorporating CHAT in the classroom.

2/10/2014 – Critical Inquiry Ambassadors

Critical Inquiry Ambassadors from ENG 101, COM 110, and Milner Library discuss their collaboration and what they’ve observed in terms of trends in student research and the commonalities shared across these courses.

3/5/2014 – Transfer and Trajectory

Three Writing Program instructors discuss how they help students extend their understanding of writing to encompass real-world contexts.

3/27/2014 – CHAT in Action

Three Writing Program instructors apply CHAT to their own scholarship, and then discuss how to relate their own work to their teaching.

4/22/2014 – Experimental Teaching Group – Uptake Genres

Five instructors with the Experimental Teaching Group discuss their use of uptake genres to help students understand learning as a process.