Coffee Klatch Collections

Topics and materials from our past Coffee Klatches are included below. If you have questions or want more information about any of these topics, please contact the Writing Program. We’d love to hear from you!

Critical Genre Analysis – Studying genres in relation to ideology, discipline, and power

Managing Time – Planning for how much time you need for in-class activities as well as whole projects

  • This session focused on re-thinking how we think about time and time management. For example, do we plan time based on increments of minutes or based on a certain number of activities per class? Using this handout as a guide, we practiced shifting existing projects in time in order to shift their focus within the learning outcomes.

Narrating Pedagogy – Talking about your pedagogy to diverse audiences (including employers!)

  • Participants in this Coffee Klatch worked on thinking about how we talk about our pedagogical philosophy and practices. Filling out this worksheet may help you to think through this on your own.

CHAT – Understanding and using cultural historical activity theory

  • During this Coffee Klatch, participants worked to demystify CHAT and to understand some of the many ways that CHAT might manifest in classroom practice. This included working from the CHAT worksheet.
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