ReggieNet – Submitting Assignments

The submitting and grading of assignments is one of the most important aspects of any course, particularly a writing- and activity-intensive course for the Writing Program.  ReggieNet offers several options for assignment uploads – here’s a quick look at your options:

  1. Assignments
  2. File Drop
  3. Discussions and Discussion Forums
  4. Tests and Quizzes


Possibly the most popular tool on ReggieNet, this is the quickest way to post, accept, and grade assignments.  With this tool, you can download all the submissions from a single assignment in bulk (say, if each student submits an MS Word document), then write comments in those documents, and then ReggieNet can upload all those assignments again (in bulk) and automatically match them up with each student.

How to Add an Assignment

Viewing and Grading Assignments

Submitting Assignments (for Students)

File Drop

Unlike your typical file sharing system (like Dropbox or Google Docs or the STV 250 folders), the File Drop tool on ReggieNet does not allow you to share folders with multiple users.  Instead, each student gets a single folder, and that folder can only be accessed by the instructor and the individual student.

Thus, File Drop doesn’t work as a collaboration tool.  However, it’s perfect for uploading portfolios or complex projects which involve multiple files which you don’t want students to share with each other.

Discussions and Discussion Forums

Although these discussion tools were primarily designed for out-of-class collaboration, they also after a great platform for submitting assignments.  The Discussion Forums, in particular, offer straightforward grading, which can be very helpful.

For instructors who use the STV 250 folders, File Drop is best if you want to maintain confidentiality with each student, but traditional file sharing between students is not possible in ReggieNet.  If you want file sharing between students in ReggieNet, you’ll need to use one of these discussion tools as a workaround.  It’s not perfect, but it does allow students to share files while maintaining your ability to grade each student individually and confidentially.  Otherwise, I’d recommend using either Dropbox or Google Docs (though you can’t post grades to either of those platforms.)

Tests and Quizzes

No, we don’t normally think of a writing course having tests and quizzes.  However, many instructors (myself included) give reading quizzes, and others use grammar diagnostics.  For my own quizzes, I use the Assignments Tool (above) for long-answer response, but the Tests and Quizzes tool offers more flexibility for those using multiple-choice.

Following are links to CTLT videos describing how to use tests and quizzes (copied from ReggieNet Instructor Support Materials.)