ReggieNet Collaboration Tools

One of the best parts of using an online platform like ReggieNet is the ability to foster student collaboration.  With ReggieNet, students don’t have to worry about finding times to meet outside of class – instead, they can work together from the comfort of their individual dorm rooms, and you can read their work from the comfort of home.  (Unless, of course, you’re still at the office grading papers…)


Blogs are great if you want your students to post regular reflections and then comment on each other’s work.


Clogs are a more interactive type of blog, but they are a bit more complicated to use.  If you’re interested in using these, I recommend contacting CTLT for assistance at the ReggieNet Support page.

Discussions and Discussion Forums

The Discussion Forums tool is my personal preference for online collaboration with ReggieNet.  Here, you can set it up so that students can start and reply to discussion threads, and you can even set a discussion thread for groups of students to work together.  The Discussions tool also works well for this, but the grading is somewhat more complicated.

To learn more, visit the ReggieNet Discussions and Discussion Forums page.

Google Docs Collaboration and ReggieNet

Unfortunately, ReggieNet is not the most robust system for student collaboration.  It’s primarily designed as a secure space for instructors to provide confidential feedback to students – thus, all the tools show certain limitations in just how much information can be shared.  And this is a good thing – it prevents FERPA violations.

However, for full-fledged collaboration among your students, you may also consider using Google Docs in addition to ReggieNet.  I find that ReggieNet is ideal for students to submit quizzes or other “quick” assignments which aren’t going to be shared, but then I have students use Google Docs for group projects and writing workshops.  With this combination, you can provide students with secure and confidential grading via ReggieNet while also providing a space for students to fully engage in learning.


In case of questions, please Contact Ryan.  Online collaboration is a relatively new phenomenon, and I’d be happy to help out.